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Here are some frequently asked questions about 9wickets Agent

What is 9wickets and how does it work?

9wickets is a variation of Betfair that offers players a chance to become agents. An agent earns a commission when recommending the casino to their friends and family.

How to become a 9wickets agent and what are the benefits?

You can sign up via a unique URL on 9wickets website. Every successful affiliate marketing effort (new account sign-up) means you get up to MYR250.

How to contact a 9wickets agent and what information do I need to provide?

You can contact them via live chat or e-mail. You only need to provide personal information, and banking information and verify your identity with 9wickets.

How to deposit and withdraw money from 9wickets using an agent?

You must contact the agent and provide the necessary info (name, payment method preference, etc.). Next, you can choose payment methods (bank transfers, e-wallets, or other payment processors). The agent will process the request accordingly.

How to complain about a 9wickets agent if I have any problem or dispute?

You can contact 9wickets and provide identification details about the agent.

You may view them on 9wickets website under ‘Agents’ section.

What are the rules and regulations for 9wickets agents and users?

The agents must obtain 9wickets permit to be agents and adhere to the marketing guidelines. Users who are blacklisted or underage are not allowed to seek out an agent’s services.

How to change my password on 9wickets and why is it important?

You may do so on your account page. Regular password changes ensure the account is safe from unauthorized access.

What are the best times to play on 9wickets and why?

Any time of the day. The casino operates 24/7 with numerous ongoing games for non-stop action.

How to access the 9wickets website and what browsers are supported?

You can access the site via, and most browsers such as Chrome and Firefox are supported.